The collection has its beginnings in 1993. It all started form spontaneous sugar collecting during our trips abroad. Our collection started to get bigger and bigger. Our friends, friends of friends started to bring us new sweet objects, etc. We have noticed that our collection is substantial. Then we came into conclusion that we need to take it seriously and first of all systemize our sweet objects. Today the entire collection is divided into thematic groups. Individual objects are assigned to the following groups: airlines, hotels, chain fast-food bars, cafes, restaurants. There are also series, cubes and ones that cannot be assigned to any of the above mentioned groups. A separate collection, despite the content of imprint, are the objects given to us by the collector from Paris that has enlarged it spontaneously for 30 years. Our sugar has different forms: single-serving, sachets, cones, long bags, cubes and others that keep surprising us more and more.

Our collection is one of the biggest in the world. In comprises over 6 000 unique, non-recurring objects. We plan to apply it for the Guiness Book of Records.

Patron of the Sweet-World

There should always be the right person watching over every important project. That is why we appointed the patron for our collection. Not by accident it is Franz Karl Achard – the son of a French Reverend. Achard was interested in the discovery of Marggraf from 1747 about the content of sugar in beetroots and basing on this he worked out the method of obtaining sugar from this plant. In 1801 he opened the first in the world sugar refinery in the village Konary in Lower Silesia. We believe that Achard would be proud of our collection and that is why he watches over it.

Franz Karl Achard